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Autumn Elegance: Hand-Embroidered Black & Beige Lining Pattern Ensemble-Stitched 3PC


Step into the season with sophistication and style with our “Autumn Elegance” Hand-Embroidered Black & Beige Lining Pattern Ensemble. This exquisite ensemble is a blend of classic charm and modern elegance, perfect for the cooler days of autumn and winter. Featuring a hand-embroidered black shirt adorned with a beige & black lining pattern, paired with polka dot print matching trousers, and finished with a plain dupatta delicately edged with black shuttle lace, this ensemble exudes a unique and elegant allure.

Size: Large
Category: Semi Formal, Festive
Designed By: Faiqa Noor



    • Loose fit long lining print shirt with unique hand embroidery
    • Round neckline finished with delicate shuttle lace
    • Straight full sleeves finished with shuttle lace
    • All edges finished with delicate shuttle lace
    • Fabric: Marina
    • Colour: Black & Beige
    • Length: 122cm (48 inches)


    • Dyed plain dupatta
    • Finished with shuttle lace on 4 sides
    • Colour: Beige
    • Fabric: Chiffon


    • Wide leg polka dot print trouser
    • Colour: Beige
    • Fabric: Marina

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The centrepiece of the ensemble is the hand-embroidered black shirt, meticulously adorned with intricate patterns. The contrasting beige lining pattern adds depth and texture to the design, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Paired with the shirt is a matching trouser featuring a playful polka dot print.

The combination of the classic black and beige with the whimsical polka dots adds a touch of modern flair to the ensemble. Completing the look is a plain dupatta, elegantly finished with delicate black shuttle lace on all four sides. The simplicity of the dupatta allows the intricate details of the shirt to shine, while the lace adds a subtle touch of sophistication.

The “Autumn Elegance” ensemble exudes timeless elegance with its classic color palette and intricate embroidery. It is a perfect balance of traditional charm and contemporary style. Crafted from high-quality fabric, the ensemble offers a comfortable and flattering fit. The fabric drapes beautifully, ensuring you look and feel your best throughout the day. Designed with the cooler seasons in mind, this ensemble is perfect for autumn and winter gatherings.

The rich colors and elegant design make it a versatile choice for both daytime events and evening soirées. Stand out from the crowd with the unique and elegant look of this ensemble. The combination of hand-embroidered details, polka dot prints, and delicate lace trim creates a one-of-a-kind outfit that is sure to make a statement.

Care Instructions:

To preserve the delicate embroidery and fabric of the ensemble, we recommend dry cleaning only. Store the outfit in a cool, dry place to maintain its exquisite beauty for future wear.


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